Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something New, #27

We had cute houseguests over the weekend, my brother and his wife, and their two little girls, Thing One and Thing Two (my goddess daughter). Thing Two had never visited us, as she's not quite one.

It's been a long time since I had a baby in the house.

She thought the stairs were great fun, especially when her Daddy was engrossed in Mario Kart, and she could sneak up them.

We spent the morning at Deanna Rose Farmstead, where a calf had been born just that morning.

The rest of the afternoon, we went to the KC JiggleJam, where the grand finale of the evening was a performance by They Might Be Giants, who I've never seen live.

They opened and closed with 2 of my favorites, Alphabet of Nations ("West Xylophone, Yemen, ZIMBABWE") and Istanbul (Not Constantinople). ( very hard to spell. Can you spell it?)

I told my girls you can always trust a man who plays the accordion.

Also, as we were leaving, and Thing One was getting crabby, I started singing "Bed, Bed, Bed", The Little One said, "Mom, it's not cool when you sing it."

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