Monday, September 22, 2008

Something New, #147

After about 3 very stressed-filled weeks, I finally finished the living room/dining room/front hall/upstairs hall repainting. Stressful, because it was such a big project and I felt like the whole house was a mess. But I got the ceiling painted, two coats of Kilz, two coats of paint in Mamma Mia Blue and repainted all the woodwork. So it was a pretty big job. And a pretty big mess.

I did step out of my usual habit, and rehung the pictures in DIFFERENT PLACES. I even left some out, and took some from other parts of the house. Shocking, I know.

I have a stained glass arch that originally was in my grandparent's drugstore in Eufaula, Oklahoma. I had it hanging from the ceiling, dividing the living area from the dining area, but wanted to move it to the door. This involved removing the original hooks, patching and repainting that part of the ceiling and installing new hooks.

I figured out that the hooks had to be installed with a toggle bolt, which I've never used. I've used lots of molly bolts, but not the toggle bolts. I managed to get the hole drilled, after three tries with three different sized bits and got each hook in on the first try. I did learn to keep my mouth closed while drilling holes in the ceiling.

Just another one of those little things that I feel empowers me.

Now all I have to do to finish up the redecorating is sew new window treatments, slipcovers, get new rugs, lampshades and accessories.

I should be finished before it needs painting again.

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