Monday, September 8, 2008

Something New, #135

I really heart Target.

I've always thought that Target is for me, what Tiffany & Co. is to Holly Golightly. Nothing bad could ever happen to me at Target. I went to Target on the evening of 9/11, after being glued to the TV all day, and felt about 100% better when I left. My idea of a perfect first date would be to get a coffee at the onsite Starbucks and cruise the clearance aisles. (Again, Wallace, if you're reading, call me.)

And the great thing is, everything at Target is something you really DO need. Well, practically.

So today when I had to pick up some prints for photos for work, I had to wait a while, so I browsed around.

It was the first time ever I did not make a purchase at Target. I did pay for the photos, but that was with company money, and not for me.

And even though there were some really cute dishtowels on the clearance endcap, I didn't buy a thing.

Now that's real willpower.
And on a side tangent, and I can do that, because it's my blog and I'll tangent if I want to, I saw a quote today that was to the extent of "If Sarah Palin can run a family of 5 kids, she can run the country."
Well, duh, no one's disputing that mothers are better at multitasking than anyone. I just find it highly ironic that for decades the GOP has vilified working mothers as the source of all moral and social decay in the US. And now they think that's a great thing. And what exactly has the GOP done to help working mom? Oh, that would be SQUAT.
OOOooo...Is it 1984 and we're living in an Orwellian novel?
I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting with the GOP spin doctors when they were told of Bristol Palin's pregnancy. I can't wait to see what the SNL writers do with that.

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