Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something New, #129

I probably have not slept more that four hours in a row since The Big One was born over 12 years ago. I had the usual problems of dealing with a new baby's sleep patterns for a couple of years, then during the six years I dealt with The Ex's addiction, my body would wake itself at around 4:00 AM, when it realized he wasn't home yet. Then add another baby almost five years after the first, and my body and brain have yet to learn how to sleep properly.

I still pretty much wake at 4:00 AM and stay that way for an hour or so. I did discover Tylenol PM a few years ago, and it works, but I fear liver damage.

I have figured out that I sleep better on my back, but have what I call "loud dreams." Not bad dreams, just really bizarre. Like the other night I had a loud dream that I had a date with Wallace Shawn. Seeing how I've had one date in the last four years since my separation/divorce , I would actually be open to that. (Wallace, if you're reading this, email me.)

Anyway, I taught myself to lie on my back, then flip to my side, just as I was falling asleep. I still woke up, but at least could get to sleep before midnight. It's not as comfortable, and I wake up with a lot of kinks and pinches, but I get some sleep.

Last night, I made an effort to stay on my back all night. I don't know if it was because I was just plain exhausted, the drop in temperature or the rain we had all night, I slept pretty much all night. I had the usual wakeful moments with TNG and The Little One got in and out of bed with me, but had none of the usual kinks and pinches.

So I'm going to try to retrain my sleeping position, and see if that helps. I look forward to being less crabby.

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