Monday, September 1, 2008

Something New, #125

We must be officially out of things to do in Johnson County, because we went to the Grand Opening of the new hardware store.

I couldn't help myself. Ever since I saw Mamma Mia, I've been jonesing to paint the living room the same blue as the interiors of the hotel that Donna runs. One of the grand opening specials at the new hardware store was 2 for 1 gallons of paint, so I couldn't resist.

I pretty much picked the exact color out I wanted right away, and when the name of the color was Greek Isle, I knew I had it right.

We also saw a live mole at the grand opening. I'm not sure why there was a display with a live mole, but The Little One had to go back 4 times to look at it.

Hope I can stand all this excitement...

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