Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something New, #137

Another Obvious Thing That is Something New to Me

The repainting of the living room has snowballed. At first, I thought I'd just repaint and slipcover the couch. Then I realized I'd have to change the window treatments. And the two wing chairs would have to be replaced. And I'd need new rugs. And change the accessories and furniture arrangement. And repaint the ceiling and woodwork.

You get the idea.

So I started painting the ceiling, which really should have been done when we moved in 11 years ago, but time constraints stopped us. My mother and I did repaint the ceilings in the girls rooms and kitchen. When we did those we used a roller that my got from QVC that had a telescoping handle. Since this was all I'd ever used, I assumed that the "roller on a stick" was an "As Seen on TV" item.

After I finished the living room ceiling with a short roller, I noticed the threading in the handle.


I unscrewed my broom handle and that sucker fit perfectly.


Got the dining room, front hall and upstairs hall done in less time than the living room.


The irony is, I like to think of myself as pretty handy, but as an American who lives in a consumer-obsessed society, had the idea in my head that I had to buy a special tool for something I already had.


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