Sunday, September 7, 2008

Something New, #132

Our local Mecca for home interiors is Nell Hills, in Atchison. Mary Carol Garrity has turned her local home furnishings store into a travel destination. She has two store in Atchison, crammed full of furniture, accessories and fabrics. Her style is layers upon layers upon layers upon still more layers.

My mother came up from Oklahoma for one of Mary Carol's open houses. Several times a year, she opens her home for visitors and tours. Women come by the busloads to visit and shop.

We took a tour bus from the Nell Hills shop to her home, another first for me, as my limited bus riding experience has been of the school bus variety. The girls loved it. My mother actually ran into two women she had gone to nursing school with. She graduated in 1959 from St. John's nursing school in Tulsa, and I was shocked they recognized each other. She even remembered what floors they worked on together.

We didn't buy much, as there were so many people in her store. She has so much merchandise crammed in to the space, it's impossible to do it quickly. You really have to plan on spending hours in there. I did pick up a few Christmas presents.

On the way up there, we saw several fields planted with something we couldn't identify. They were large plants that looked like banana trees. Turns out, they were tobacco crops. Never in a million years did I think that tobacco was grown in this part of the country.

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