Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something New, #297 - 298

Another day in DC:

Visited the National Aquarium, where, ironically, there is a Lake of the Ozarks exhibit. My CFL has been generous to invite us to her lake house the last 4 summers, so I know Lake of the Ozarks. I also know it probably does not warrant an exhibit in the National Aquarium. The exhibit was mostly brown, and all that was missing was empty beer cans and Party Cove beads.

The Big One took a tour with the school group to one of the aerospace museums, so I took off on my own. Got off at the subway stop at Dupont Circle and realized I'd found my people. I walked over to Georgetown, which looked how I'd imagined DC to look, but was disappointed that like most of America, has become homogenized with the same stores, restaurants, etc., that you can find anywhere. I mean, we have an Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Kate Spade in KC. I really was hoping to see something different. I did get slightly lost, which was a good thing, because I saw the Irish Embassy, the Greek Embassy and the embassies of a bunch of Slavic countries I'd never heard of.

Went back to the National Gallery to visit with the little Vermeers and the da Vinci.

Paid $16 for 2 slices of pizza. I swear, I've spent more on this trip for meals than our plane tickets.
Speaking of homogenization, it just doesn't stop with businesses. I swear, yesterday I heard a woman speaking in Russian, but she was wearing Crocs. If I'd just seen her on the street, I'd have assumed she was just another American.

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