Monday, February 9, 2009

Something New, #279

A couple of years ago, my Kind Friend Bev, recommended I read Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life to help me get "unstuck."

I made some changes, but wasn't serious about it until last fall. That's when I'd make changes and see almost immediate results.

So when I started panicking about how to pay for this class trip, one of the first things I did was place notes reading "DC Trip" in my silver boxes in my Travel/Helpful People and Prosperity sections.

A friend of mine whose son is on the same team called me from out of the blue "I wrote some e-mails and made some calls and got your room comped."

Keep in mind this is someone I talk to about every other month, and I hadn't even whined to her about paying for this trip. Just like that, from out of the blue.

Read the book. It works.

I wonder what would happen if I wrote "Mr. Darcy" on a slip of paper and put it in my Love/Relationships section...

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Beverly Biehl said...

Glad to hear that my advice is still paying dividends! I'm taking my own finally and am moving my office to a more conducive space in the house, and am meeting with a business coach on Monday to review my business plan. Yup, for the first time ever, I made an actual plan for being successful in my business! Whoopie!