Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something New, #272

I single-handedly discovered the reason there are so many anxiety disorders in America today while trying to find the best online deal for hotel rooms.

Americans have too many choices.

After checking out about 7 booking sites, I felt the beginnings of an anxiety attack. I had to call my CFL twice to have her talk me through it, because I'd get one answer from one site, and a completely different one from another. I'm trying to make reservations at the same hotel, for the same person for the same time, and I get 7 different quotes. Then I started nearly hyperventilating because I kept thinking I could get a better deal if I kept looking.

Finally I decided, "Screw it, just do it" and booked the damn reservation.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's a legitimate site, there will be a room for me and I'm not getting totally ripped off on the price.

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