Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something New, #322

I confirmed my position as an official old lady and wrote a letter to City Hall.

I did the research on the intersection where I was rear ended and learned that from 2005-2007 there were 59 reported accidents and of those, 64% were rear-end accidents. (I even got to practice my new knowledge of figuring percentages that I had learned, but forgotten.) I pointed out that there were probably even more accidents reported and made the argument that a flashing warning light would probably be more cost effective than sending out a cop after every call, and save drivers' time and aggravation.

I figure the official in charge will read it, and assume I'm an old lady or a student who has to practice writing letters for a school assignment.

My mother has a friend who was big on letter writing. Not just to her friends, but she would write if she had exceptional customer service or a complaint. She sent out more complementary letters than complaints, because she worked in customer service all her life, and knew how stinky it could be. I find myself doing the same, and recently wrote letters to the hotel in DC where we stayed and the DC police force. If anything, I feel like I'm working on writing skills.

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