Friday, March 6, 2009

Something New, #319

A while back, I posted that I started unplugging appliances after seeing a bit on Oprah about energy vampires.

I don't unplug them every day, but do OK in keeping up with it. I am happy to report that my average bill pay for the electric bill reset this billing cycle, and it went DOWN $14 a month.

Not a huge drop, but it did make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Mine went down $23!! My original amount when I bought this house sent me into a credit balance of $1000 before I contacted them and stopped paying any electric bills for amost 11 months-- since then, they've been whittling it down to an appropriate amount! I'm betting we've finally found the right amount, but time will tell.

Congratulations on one-upping the electric company!!

Layne said...

I also have switched all my bulbs to fluorescents, so that may help, too.

Yay us!