Monday, March 2, 2009

Something New, #315

I got rear-ended the other day.

Nothing serious, no injury or damage, but it occured at a stop near my house where I've seen many accidents and near-misses.

The intersection in question is an off-ramp from one of the highways onto the frontage road. The ramp T-bones into the frontage road, so you can only turn right or left. There are stop signs on both sides of the exit ramp, but unless you live there and take that ramp daily, as I do, most drivers assume it's a clear exit, and just pull out into traffic. I see probably four accidents a year there.

So I started researching how to get a warning light installed at that exit ramp. NOT a stoplight, because Overland Park, Kansas is already lousy with them. Just something that gives the JoCo-ers who are talking on their cell phones, careening down the exit in their Lexus SUVs (which is what rear-ended me) a little something to catch their attention.

This could turn into a project within a project. Stay tuned.

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