Monday, September 10, 2012

Unemployment, Week One

So I made it through my first week of unemployment, and am still in great spirits. I have gotten so much accomplished that I feel like I've done more in the past week than the past two years. I've finished up so many projects around the house, applied for jobs and actually cooked.

The Big One, The Husband and I went to the KC Improv Fest on Saturday, in which a friend was performing. Colin Hanks, son of Tom, also performed and it was scary how much he looked and sounded like his dad. They even had the same haircut. 

The Husband has been so supportive, and even suggested I go back to school for my MLS, which I've wanted to do for about 15 years. He said to me on Day Three how glad he was to have his wife back. That shows how toxic my work situation was.

And I figured out how to put space between paragraphs in Blogger. For some reason it stopped. Now I just have to figure out how to get the text consistent. 

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