Sunday, September 16, 2012

This has been a great week!

Yesterday, The Husband and I went to see John Lithgow perform a reading at the library. He was charming, gracious and just plain wonderful. He did book signings after and I had a copy of one of  his books inscribed for my Goddess Nieces and told him, "You know, if this acting thing doesn't work out, you should be a teacher." He smiled and said if he hadn't been in the arts, that's what he would  have done. Just a delightful, positive, creative soul.

After hanging out with my new artist acquaintance, I had a serious case of creative space lust. I used to have my work area on a desk I built from two old cabinets and a door and it worked well for me. I had space for all my supplies and the computer, but as the kids got older, they needed the computer, so I moved to the dining room table. It's worked okay as a work space, but it's a mess, because I keep thinking because it's the dining room, I have to keep it looking nice for company. Then I realized we hardly ever have company, and just use the table once a year at Christmas. So I'm in the process of completely making it my space. It will probably look strange, but I'll be able to spread out  more. I have to take down the existing light fixture, as I keep bonking my head on it, but I'll learn how to take down a light fixture.

Can't wait to make new messes!

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