Friday, September 14, 2012

I tried two new things today. One not so good, the other, really good.

I bought a Groupon several weeks ago for 10 classes at a gym for $40. Four bucks a class is a great deal, right? Only if you are already a triathlete. Before I went, I contacted the owner, stating I needed a class for old, fat people. He suggested the boot camp class. Took me nearly a month to muster the courage to go and I wish I'd used the pass for yoga instead. Seriously, why are there no BEGINNING fitness classes, only classes for semi-professionals?

The second thing was to visit the local school district's vo-tech facility's bake sale. They offer culinary classes for high school students and every Friday afternoon, have a bake sale of what they've made. Gorgeous pastries and breads.

I'll use the rest of the class passes for  yoga and think about pastry while I'm doing it.

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