Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Something New, #3

Here Comes Da Judge

Today my new thing was speaking to a judge. I make a lot of phone calls around the state and have talked to a lot of county clerks, register of deeds and court clerks, but never a judge.

I called a small town in central Kansas today and was asking the judge's clerk some questions. She said, "Well, the judge is right here, can he help you?" Ummm....okkkaaaayy...I guess in small towns in central Kansas, the judge and clerk share an office.

Actually, he was very helpful and not nearly as intimidating as I thought. Since I have a high squeaky voice anyway, he probably thought I was much younger than I actually am, so I worked that to my advantage.

Since I don't have a photo of the judge, here is one of Judge Reinhold.

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