Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mid-life Crisis Intervention

Next week I'll officially be 44. I've been giving my age as 44 for the past several months, just to ease myself into it. I know it's just a number, but it seems well, so OLD. My deskmate is 21 and her mother just turned 42, and already has two grandchildren. Actually, I did a mental WHEW when I heard that. I cannot imagine having a baby when I was 21. That would have been a hot mess...

I digress...

ANYWAY, with my birthday nearing, I feel like it's New Year's so I should make a resolution. Something other than get down to the weight on my drivers license, which realistically, will probably never happen. So I want out of my life's rut.

So I'm taking inspiration from one of my favorite authors, Marc Acito, (OK outright stealing his idea) and aiming for trying something new every day. This is going to be a real challenge, as my life is so busy and structured that its hard for me to deviate from my regular routine.

I'll start on the 28th, so at least I have the weekend to think of something to get me through the first week.

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Marc Acito said...

Wow. I'm flattered-both that I'm one of your favorite authors and that I'd inspire you to do anything except lounge in bed all day (my preferred way of spending it). This project has been great fun though so good luck and please keep me posted. Marc