Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Something New #2

Get Off Your Botto!

Instead of doing the elliptical machine when I worked out, I opted for the seated bicycle thing. After sitting all day, I thought this was just for wimps or women who didn't want to get sweaty.

I was mistaken.

After I got up to my heart rate, the machine adjusted incrementally and my legs started shaking. I did manage to do my minimum of 30 minutes, but did a slight Bridget Jones when I dismounted. I did a total of 10 miles, but only burned about 170 calories. Yeah, that would be the real Coke I had at lunch.

I may try it again, as my inner thighs are really talking to me now.

Betsy had a good brain twinkle tonight. She commented the grass clippings from a newly mown lawn on the side walk: "Mommy, that looks like the spinach in the school cafeteria, but the spinach in the school cafeteria also looks like a hairball the cat coughed up."

I think they still have the same spinach from when I was in school.

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