Monday, December 13, 2010

I had a follow up visit today with The Big One's guidance counselor regarding her Individualized Education Program.

It went really well, and the nice thing about this meeting was that The Big One got to sit in with me, the guidance counselor and one of her teachers. We reviewed her grades, and reviewed her planned "Course of Action," that is, what her schedule would be, semester by semester for the next three and a half years.

Things have certainly changed since I was in high school, as back then, I was doing well to know what my next scheduled class would be, much less one I'd have in the future. But she seems to be doing well, and doesn't seem stressed out by the extra work.

However, once again, it was brought to my attention by education professionals that my daughter is "too quiet." Not that's she's shy, or too introverted, just "too quiet." This characteristic was deemed questionable by said education professionals when I appealed to get qualified for the gifted program. The teacher that sat in on the meeting again mentioned this, and this time, I was glad my daughter was there as I questioned this opinion.

"Look, if she had the opposite personality trait, we be here discussing what meds to get her on. 'Being quiet' is not a personality or intelligence deficiency. It's really OKAY to be quiet." They agreed, and decided rather than expressing herself verbally, perhaps she could do it in writing or individually with her teachers.

Finally. And I'm glad The Big One saw me do that in front the authority figures, so she'll have proof that at least on one occasion, I had her back.

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The Terror! said...

Way to have her back, mama!