Monday, May 3, 2010

Worlds of Fun(?)

My Cool Friend Linda has this theory that as we age, our brains shrink and therefore are rattled about in our skulls when we ride amusement park rides, and that is the reason that as we get older, amusument park rides no longer hold as much amusement.

After the Saturday 8th grade choir field trip to Worlds of Fun, I can confirm her theory to be true.

I only rode three roller coasters and the closest I came to a spinny-ride was the carousel.

I came home with a migrane as big as the Mamba.(

I am planning to petition Worlds of Fun to offer a "Purse-Holder Admission Fee." This would be a reduced admission fee for the mom who does not ride anything other than the carousel, and who only goes to the park to hold the purses and backpacks.

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