Thursday, February 16, 2012

Czarina Obviousa on Life Changing Moments

A few years ago, when The Ex was giving me so much grief, I was crying to my neighbor across the street. She told me, “One of these days I’m going to see you running and screaming naked up the hill and I’m going to tell my husband, ‘Yup, he did it. Layne’s finally lost her mind.’”

I have since called that moment when you realize something isn’t working and you have to make a change a “running up the hill, screaming and naked” moment.

I experienced one such moment this morning when a client called and wanted me to walk him through his settings on his email window so he could read his email better. I do not work in IT. I am a paralegal. If you are a young, college-educated person who has held a job anytime within the last ten years, you should know how to set your email preferences. You should also the difference between a Word file and a PDF.

I think I need to run screaming naked up the hill to look for a new job.

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