Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

So like most of our fellow Gleeks, The Big One and I were really excited about this week's episode, Rocky Horror Glee Show. I, of course, have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show dozens of times, AT THE THEATER to get the true experience. The Husband has the DVD and I let The Big One watch it. Apparently, she ended up watching it several times, because when the Glee episode rolled around, she knew most of the songs.

I took The Big One, Genius Girl and a nice young man from their class, The Crush, up north to the Screenland to watch the episode on their movie screen. The Screenland is an awesome old theater that has been restored and they started showing Glee live, for free, every Tuesday.

I'd never been in that part of town, so naturally, I got lost trying to find the theater, but we actually got there in time. I was very impressed with the venue, but Screenland, next time you advertise an event like this, please be familiar with the audio visual equipment, so that the viewing does not start 14 minutes late, because the tech cannot figure out which channel is airing the show. Just a suggestion.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the show, and Becky, the cheerleader with Down's, got the biggest laugh of the night with the line, "Give me chocolate or I'll cut you."

So on the way back, since Genius Girl and The Crush have not seen the movie, The Big One and I started explaining it to them. I acted out several parts, sang a few songs, interjected with a few of the audience shout outs, then turned around to see Genius Girl recording all of it on her phone.

It has not yet shown up on her FaceBook page, but it's only a matter of time.

The Big One had planned a party for Halloween, and wanted to show the film. I, obviously, had no problem with that, but felt I should get permission from the other parents, since it is rated R. I posted this question on my FaceBook status, "Is 14-15 too young?" and was surprised that most people said, no, but get the other parents' permission.

I guess Kansas is not the conservative wasteland I sometimes make it out to be. Or my friends are just really cool parents.

Anyway, the whole idea was to share something with The Big One that I had experienced. Yes, it is an R rated movie, and yes, there is lots of sex, and yes, there is a lot of cussing and vulgarity, but I am honestly more offended by the storyline on Glee that the cheerleader got pregnant by her boyfriend's best friend, because she didn't use protection, then told her boyfriend that she got pregnant because they were making out in a hot tub, he ejaculated, his little sperms swam up her vagina in the water, and found her egg.


These kids have been getting AIDS education since the fourth grade, and they didn't use protection? And in the age of Google, it never occurred to the boyfriend to check out her story?

However, this is a show whose show choir seems to have an unlimited budget and can learn a new showstopper every week, so I guess I should just roll with it.

I downloaded the script with the audience shout outs, and after reviewing it, realized either I'm really old, or it's changed a lot in the last 30 years. I don't remember it having nearly as much cussing as it did, and some of the shout outs were just cussing for the sake of cussing.

Oh, I yelled out, "Asshole" and "Slut" back in the day, but NOT the f-bomb. Not like the script I found anyway. Which was kind of a let down, because the comments I remember making were clever and funny. I found a few of those left, but maybe I have selective memory or it was just my wild, reckless youth.

So I plan on taking The Big One to a midnight showing in the next year or two. I'd love to see it with her, but that's something she should experience without her old mom hanging around. After all, it's one of those things that she'll have her own memories of, not mine.

"To sing and dance once more to your dark refrains! To take that...step to the right!"

"But it's the pelvic thrust!"

"On our world, we'll do the Time Warp AGAIN!"

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