Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something New, 365 Days Later

It's exactly a year since I challenged myself to try or learn something new every day.

And, I know, I'm about 20 Something News short.

The truth is, I just got lazy about looking and realized, hey, this exercise isn't a REQUIREMENT, and let it go.

But, I'm glad I tried to keep it up.

It is really HARD to find Something New every day, but I feel like I have relearned to use new eyes in looking at the world. Just because you do something the same way 100 doesn't mean you should.

Some Something News I will continue, like not being afraid of buying sushi in a land locked-city, always carrying my camera with me (because you just never know), and adding different things to my coffee. (BTW, Dr. Pepper in coffee - AMAZING.) And I do feel I have improved my writing skills, which is very helpful in my profession.

And I will continue to keep my eyes open, head up and mind aware.

After all, since the women in my family live until at least 90, at 45 years old today, I'm just halfway done.

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